Woman Dies on Princess Cruises Royal Princess Ship Headed to Aruba

Woman Dies on Princess Cruises Royal Princess Ship Headed to Aruba

The 52-year-old woman was on the Royal Princess when she died, the company said, adding that, "The incident was reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and local authorities and the local authorities met and boarded the ship upon arrival in Aruba".

The woman's death "was reported to the local authorities who met and boarded the ship upon arrival".

Princess Cruises confirmed a 52-year-old American woman had died aboard the ship in a statement to USA Today, but did not further elaborate on the circumstances surrounding her passing.

The FBI and authorities in Aruba are investigating whether the tragic death of an American woman on a Caribbean cruise was an accident or a crime. The ship, which was traveling between the islands of Curacao and Aruba at the time of the woman's death, is due back in Florida on Saturday, officials said.

The incident happened aboard the Royal Princess ship which left Port Everglades last Friday for a seven-day cruise through the Caribbean.

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No cause of death has been reported. The woman's name wasn't immediately released.

Aruba news outlet Diario reported that witnesses saw the victim engaged in an altercation with another passenger prior to her death.

Another passenger said: "We are on this ship too". The ship was reportedly being treated as a crime scene. Authorities have yet to confirm that report.

On Facebook, a passenger wrote to Princess Cruises, "The lady that died hit the lifeboat outside our [balcony] on Emerald deck ..." The announcement was a criminal investigation was to be conducted before we are given clearance.

Princess Royal departed Aruba at 10pm on Wednesday night, heading towards Kralendijk, Bonaire.