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Wreckage of missing Argentine navy submarine located

Wreckage of missing Argentine navy submarine located

ARA San Juan has been uncovered by a USA company Ocean Infinity - who have previously searched for missing plane MH370.

The navy said the vessel was located by a remote-operated submersible from the North American survey firm Ocean Infinity, which set out in September as part of the latest push to find the sub.

'Now another chapter opens.

Speaking Thursday, on the anniversary of the disappearance, Argentine President Mauricio Macri told the families of the submariners they should not feel alone, and offered his "absolute and non-negotiable commitment" to find "the truth".

The navy said previously the captain reported on November 15 that water entered the snorkel and caused one of the sub's batteries to short-circuit.

Almost 10 days later, the navy confirmed there had been an explosion on board, which experts said was likely linked to the battery problem.

The San Juan had been returning to base at Mar del Plata when the navy lost contact as it passed the San Jorge Gulf, a large bay-shaped inlet about 500 miles (800km) northwest of The Falkland Islands.

Several senior officers were dismissed, including Navy chief Marcelo Srur, and numerous families have expressed anger and disappointment at the government's efforts to find their missing relatives.

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The Seabed Constructor is equipped with cameras that can be submerged to a depth of 6,000 meters.

Before it departed for its mission, Luis Tagliapietra, whose son Alejandro was a lieutenant on the San Juan, described it as "the last opportunity to find them".

Searcher were eventually called off the hunt for the missing sub. The company is known for having conducted a search operation for the missing MH370 Malaysian airliner.

The navy has a poor reputation in Argentina.

The ARA San Juan was lost at sea.

Argentina's government bowed to pressure from the families of the missing crew in January by offering $US4.8 million ($A6.5 million) for information leading to the submarine's recovery.

The Argentine navy shared a picture from the seabed show what appears to be the wreckage of the submarine.

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