YouTube App to be Launch on Nintendo Switch this Week

YouTube App to be Launch on Nintendo Switch this Week

Nintendo's Switch is a lovely little device that's ideal for full fat, on-the-go gaming. Non-availability of any other app, except Hulu meant that the Nintendo user has to carry more gadgets when on a long trip or a strictly no work vacation.

ResetEra also shared a tweet of a French website named NintendHOME that tweeted an image of the poster of the YouTube app listed under the recommended section of the Nintendo's website.

"Rumor - The YouTube app should arrive soon on Nintendo Switch, more precisely on November 8, according to the Nintendo America website", reads Google translate. If that is not a direct confirmation, it however appears that it is something foreseeable in the near future; even this week. If YouTube would indeed come on Nintendo Switch, that would be excellent.

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Although the Nintendo Switch is designed for gaming but it wouldn't hurt to have a video streaming app for the users so, they can relax and watch a few videos before starting again.

He said: "In the case of the Switch, they were very focused at launch not on video-use cases, but on gaming cases, video was not a priority for them". The device has never really been a real media player, but that might change with YouTube available. But thus far, the Nintendo Switch surprisingly only has Hulu available as an app on their portable hybrid console. Youtube is a much popular streaming service, known everywhere in the world and its inclusion will make much sense.

Nintendo could add a YouTube app to the Switch as soon as Thursday, November 8.