Allo, Goodbye; Google to shut its smart messaging app in March 2019

Allo, Goodbye; Google to shut its smart messaging app in March 2019

Google's video-calling app Duo has over 500 million downloads recorded in its favor in the Play Store.

In a turn of events pretty much everyone outside of Google saw coming, the search giant is apparently poised to wind down its Google Allo messaging app, with an announcement coming "soon".

Even more, some of the app's users complained about poor performance and many, annoying bugs that make sending messages impossible, hearting posts disappearing, and many more. By the way, Google mentions the current momentum of the Messages app as the reason for the setting.

Google confirmed that Allo will shut down in March of 2019 and that the recommended alternative is Android Messages.

"At a certain point, Google appeared to be signaling that Allo would be a reasonable substitution for Hangouts" customer chat functionality.

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Google has been trying to come up with a reliable instant messaging app since the beginning of this trend on Android and iOS.

GOOGLE'S LITTLE-USED "next generation" messenger service Allo is to close. In a blog post, Google also talks about the other messaging apps and services it offers, including Hangouts and Duo. According to 9to5Google, we can soon expect Google to announce the beginning of the end for the company's short-lived chat app.

After "pausing investment" in its smart messaging app Allo back in April, Google has now announced that it will stop supporting Allo altogether.

"The methodology behind Allo was 'how about we assemble an extremely incredible consumer messaging product truly from the beginning, '" Sabharwal said in a meeting with The Verge prior this year. The former will export only the messages, while the latter will include media like photos, videos, and other files. For team-based messaging and enterprise users, Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet will take care of chat and video conferencing scenarios.

Allo popped onto the scene in September 2016, and it was supposed to be a smarter messaging app that let people get more out of their texts.