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Chinese student 'slowly poisoned' roommate

Chinese student 'slowly poisoned' roommate

He is no longer a student at the school, a Lehigh University spokeswoman said, adding that the school is cooperating fully with the investigation.

A blood test later found Royal positive for thallium.

"Initially, Mr. Royal was dumbfounded by this as everyone else, because he believed they had a fairly cordial relationship as roommates", Assistant District Attorney Abe Kassis said.

Tests eventually revealed that Royal's blood contained thallium at a level that is unsafe for humans, Morganelli said.

Yang turned himself into police in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, just east of Allentown, on Thursday and is facing charges of attempted homicide, aggravated assault, simple assault and reckless endangerment, according to Morganelli. It was commonly used in rat poison until the USA banned the practice in the 1970s. He continued to get worse over time, Morganelli said.

Yang faced earlier charges of ethnic intimidation because he was accused of scrawling racist graffiti, including the N-word, on his roommate's belongings.

He said he woke up Yang to tell him what happened and washed his mouth out, but his tongue remained sore for a few days.

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Twice in March, Royal was so sick that campus police were called to his room, Morganelli said. On one occasion, he was hospitalized after vomiting for 45 minutes. Whether the vandalism or the changing colors of his mouthwash and milk, Royal told police, it was his roommate who kept turning up.

Yang Yukai, a 22-year-old former chemistry major at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, had allegedly poisoned Juwan Royal over the course of several weeks by lacing his roommate's food and drinks with thallium and possibly other chemicals, according to prosecutors.

In a Thursday news conference, Morganelli said that Royal graduated from Lehigh in the spring and is still suffering physical symptoms of thallium poisoning. Much of the poison was allegedly secretly placed into food and drinks in their shared dorm room refrigerator.

Yang then provided police a written statement insisting he had left the room and locked the door, but a comparison between the graffiti and the statement found similarities in the letters.

Police said they traced the handwriting to the Chinese student. He was sent to Northampton County Jail under $200,000 bail by District Judge Nancy Matos Gonzalez.

An worldwide student from China who attended Lehigh University, has been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, simple assault and reckless endangerment for poisoning his Black roommate, NBC News reports.