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Corbyn in misogyny row over 'stupid woman' remark aimed at Theresa May

Corbyn in misogyny row over 'stupid woman' remark aimed at Theresa May

Jeremy Corbyn has become embroiled in a misogyny row after being accused of mouthing "stupid woman" at Prime Minister Theresa May during Prime Minister's Questions.

Before Mr Corbyn's statement, Conservative MPs had been quick to attack him, with party chairman Brandon Lewis urging him to either "apologise or clarify". "Oh yes he is", she said, prompting backbench Tories MPs to loudly chant "oh no he isn't".

The reason the remark is sexist is that when men are called stupid, the stupidity is rarely coupled with their gender.

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of saying "stupid woman" under his breath whilst Theresa May spoke.

Meanwhile 2004 X Factor victor Steve Brookstein said: "Years of labour pushing snowflake politics 'you can't this and you can't say that" is coming home to roost.

London and Brussels this week stepped up planning for a "no deal" scenario, and Corbyn warned during prime minister's questions on Wednesday that this would be "a disaster for our country".

The Labour boss was attacked by both Tory and Labour MPs after losing his rag with the PM during PMQs.

"As far as I'm aware he was saying "stupid people" in regard to what was going on in the chamber", the spokesman told Sky News.

PMQs: Did Jeremy Corbyn Call Theresa May A “Stupid Woman”?
Jeremy Corbyn embroiled in misogyny row after appearing to call Theresa May 'stupid woman' during PMQs

It will be at least four weeks until the House of Commons votes on Theresa May's Brexit deal.

When asked who the Labour leader was referring to, he said: "Those who were failing to address the reality of the situation".

Those inside the House at the time seemed to have heard "stupid woman" - a quip that prompted lawmakers to shout across the floor, demanding Commons Speaker John Bercow take action.

She said: "If individuals who are found to have made unwelcome remarks should apologise, why it is that when an opposition member found that you had called me a "stupid woman", you did not apologise in this chamber?"

Commons leader Andrea Leadsom turned on the Speaker himself, reminding Mr Bercow of his failure to apologise to her for calling her a "stupid woman" during an incident earlier this year.

Mr Corbyn told Mrs May the next meeting of the European Council was not until March - two months after the rescheduled meaningful vote is supposed to take place.

When May compared Corbyn to a pantomime character and said "look behind you", the camera turns backs on him and he appears to mouth the insult.

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