Drew Barrymore Gets Two-Faced To Show Radically Different Moods

Drew Barrymore Gets Two-Faced To Show Radically Different Moods

Barrymore shared two photos on her Instagram, one from a photo shoot and another selfie of herself without makeup and crying.

For the Santa Clarita Diet star, the hard weight loss isn't the only thing she's found challenging lately, as she recently took to social media to explain that co-parenting with her former spouse - whom she split within 2016 after nearly four years of marriage - isn't always easy. "I remember reading an article that said I had gotten my happy ending after all", Barrymore wrote on Instagram on Friday. Looking [back], it sure looked that way.

But beneath the make-up and blow drys, Drew Barrymore looks just like anyone else - a point she feels is important to make. But that doesn't mean that every second wasn't worth it. "And if that DeLorean time machine pulled up every day, I would do it all over again", she continued. "And I'm a foodie, and love food and I travel the world for food, so I get heavy again between the show". While we like to think that the life of a Hollywood actress is all glitz and glamour, Barrymore is here to remind us that that's not always the case. Nothing in life is. But it does not mean that any bitter outweighs the sweet!'

The pair are parents to two daughters - six-year-old Olive and four-year-old Frankie.

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Barrymore was earlier married to bar owner Jeremy Thomas and comic Tom Green. I also feel handsome after a sweaty workout.But it all takes work!

Hours later, she posted her selfies, the first of which shows the face of the Flower Films producer and Beauty entrepreneur after hours of hair and makeup and with the benefit of professional cameras and lighting.

"When you break up with somebody, you're like, 'Yeah, that didn't work, ' [but] when you get divorced you're like, 'I'm the biggest failure".

#TheWayItLooksToUs: LIFE What I propose some days are great and handsome Sure, I can be this with two hours of hair and makeup and unbelievable photography and lighting. "Which is good because we can achieve it". After going to her kids' school in sweatpants and not feeling like "a proper mom", Barrymore started "beating up on myself". 'What I can't hide is that some days are hard and not so pretty'. If she said that she was "lucky" and "grateful", the actress has clarified his comments: "Sometimes, life can get to you and put you on the ground for a minute". "I just know that I have the control to be what I want".