Fortnite Season 7 arrives with new Iceberg biome, Wraps and planes

Fortnite Season 7 arrives with new Iceberg biome, Wraps and planes

There's a tall hill to the south of the unnamed village in this area, and at the top is where you'll find the crown of RVs. You can see what happened in the images below. You'll see a truck falling off the side of the map just to the north as you're landing, too. "We'll be looking closely at social for candidates".

Epic had already said that the Game Awards announcement wouldn't have to do with the launch of Season 7 and that it wasn't merely the Creative mode, but those both came back-to-back regardless. You'll need to head to a mountain southwest of Polar Peak.

The X-4 can be used to rotate around the map, as it's speed and ability to gain height means as long as you can find one, no location on the island is off limits, giving you lots of options as you try to find the flawless spot from which to try and secure a Victory Royale. We've pinpointed the submarine location in the screenshots below. Guesses are this is due to it releasing ahead of planned schedule to get on top of the leak, but it does suggest you might pay for early access, then have potential issues actually playing with the mode.

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Where is the submarine in Fortnite? As most Fortnite players know, the more you play and complete weekly challenges, the more emotes, dance moves and cosmetic items you can get. The planes can be found scattered around the map, but there are only a couple of airstrips.

The Metal Turtle is over on the eastern side of the map, near to Wailing Wood.

The new Ziplines have been added all over the map nearly wherever there are mountains.