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IDF encircles de-facto Palestinian capital in response to terror attack

IDF encircles de-facto Palestinian capital in response to terror attack

Israeli Defense Forces apprehended multiple Palestinians they suspect are responsible for a drive-by shooting that happened outside a Jewish settlement in the West Bank on Sunday, according to local reports.

"We are searching for the terrorist".

Naalweh fled the scene of a West Bank industrial zone in October after shooting to death two Israelis.

The baby's mother was one of seven people wounded in the drive-by shooting at a bus stop near the Ofra settlement in the occupied West Bank late Sunday.

Al-Quds University, along with other Palestinian universities, has been subjected to numerous Israeli military raids in the past.

That attack wounded seven people, including a woman who was seven months pregnant.

Doctors performed an emergency caesarean in an attempt to save the unborn child, but he died on Wednesday.

His mother remains in hospital in a serious condition.

The exact details of Barghouti's shooting remained murky, but pictures have circulated online of a taxi with multiple bullet holes north of Ramallah.

Sources added that prior to the raid, violent clashes erupted among Palestinian youths and Israeli forces.

After he spoke, Israel's Shin Bet security service said troops shot and wounded a suspected militant who tried to evade arrest near the Palestinian city of Ramallah.

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Although Hamas's power base is in Gaza it also poses a grassroots challenge to Abbas in the West Bank, where its ability to operate is hampered by the presence of both Abbas's forces and of Israeli troops.

The Israeli raids come just as a deal had been secured to restore relative calm to another part of the Palestinian territories, the Gaza Strip.

Two Israeli police officers were stabbed in Jerusalem and neutralised the attacker with return fire, the law enforcement agency's press service said.

A third incident on Thursday morning saw a man stab two Israeli border police in Jerusalem's Old City before being shot dead. Their identities were not immediately known.

Saleh Omar Barghouti is the son of a West Bank Hamas leader, Omar Barghouti.

Binyamin Council head Israel Ganz called on Netanyahu to act against terror infrastructure in the West Bank so as to deter future attacks.

Around 600,000 Israelis now live in settlements there considered illegal by the worldwide community.

The Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority also blame Israel's illegal settlement activities on occupied Palestinian land for renewed tensions in the West Bank. On Wednesday, Israeli troops killed a man near Ramallah.

"We lost a few hours ago an newborn baby, four days old", Netanyahu said in an address to foreign media.

U.S. peace envoy Jason Greenblatt said in a Twitter message that the death was "absolutely heart-breaking".