Is John DeFilippo firing bad news for Mike Zimmer’s future?

Is John DeFilippo firing bad news for Mike Zimmer’s future?

The word is that Eagles fans want DeFilippo back and that very well could happen, as there's got to be no way that he lands a head coaching gig next season. It's because of that as well as his familiarity with both the players and a ton of different aspects of the team/offense, that lead to Zimmer picking Stefanski as his choice to replace Pat Shurmur last off-season. After losing to the Seahawks 21-7 Monday night, they are 6-6-1.

The Vikings, who committed a guaranteed $84 million to Cousins on an unprecedented three-year contract, piled up the passing yards over the first eight games. Stefanski has a reputation for being a quarterback guru as he was able to get borderline unbelievable play out of quarterbacks like Sam Bradford and Case Keenum.

Stefanski, who started on Brad Childress' staff in 2006, is the longest tenured member of the Vikings coaching staff. In 2017, the Vikings ranked sixth in offensive efficiency. That's not just because I've started getting into sports betting thanks to this nj bookie and put some money on the Vikings at least beating the (three-point) spread.

DeFilippo paid the price for Minnesota's underachievement offensively, with bad offensive line play and the shortcomings of Kirk Cousins part of the blame tree beyond play-calling. The unit has fallen flat even with star weapons for Cousins in Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs. After losing to the Saints in 2009, the Vikings were such a mess in 2010 that coach Brad Childress was sacked during the season. "He's got a good grasp of the players". After a 25-20 loss at Chicago on November 18, Zimmer said the Vikings didn't run the ball enough and were trying too much to trick foes. That makes this season's numbers a little less shocking as the Vikings have run on just 33 percent of their plays in 2018 - the lowest clip since the AFL-NFL merger.

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Zimmer talked in recent weeks about running the ball more, but he declined to offer specifics Tuesday on what aspects of DeFilippo's offense troubled him the most. The second thing Zimmer brought up was the fact that Stefanski also has a "great grasp" on the players, according to Apparently, that ended up being the case, as it was announced this morning that the Vikings were firing DeFilippo after only 13 games as their offensive coordinator.

In classic Zimmer style, though, he giveth and he taketh away.

"John is a good football coach", Zimmer said of DeFilippo.

Zimmer, who is incredibly easy to read and has no ability to hide his feelings, tipped his hand about DeFilippo when he expressed his frustrations about the Vikings' offense following a 25-20 loss in Chicago on November 18 in a Sunday night game. Either way, I think I'll skip the betting this weekend.