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Luxembourg set to become first country to provide free public transport

Luxembourg set to become first country to provide free public transport

The proposal aims to reduce traffic congestion, as despite being a country of just 999 square miles, Luxembourg City suffers from some of the worst traffic congestion in the world.

Soon, all public transport in Luxembourg will be free as fares for trains, trams, and buses are lifted next summer.

Grand Duchy Prime Minister Xavier Bettel introduced the plan yesterday, December 5, when he took office for his second term, as reported by The Guardian on the same day.

The City is home to just 110,000 people, but it becomes inundated with a further 400,000 commuters, with half of travelling from neighbouring countries France, Germany and Belgium.

European Union's wealthiest country, Luxembourg's Prime Minister Xavier Bettel has made history after announcing his plans to make public transport free in 2020. The new government also plans to introduce two new public holidays.

Bettel's Democratic Party, the Socialist Workers Party (LSAP) and the Greens, who have together ruled the Grand Duchy since 2013 signed a new accord until 2023 on Monday and settled ministerial posts on Tuesday.

Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel promised to prioritise the environment.

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Students in secondary schools also have shuttles which ferry them from home to school and back for free.

Currently, fares are capped at €2 for anything up to two hours of travel, which covers most journeys in the 2,585 km² nation.

The national transport system now costs around €1billion to operate, yet fares only amount to €30million annually, The Independent reports.

Part of the cost for the initiative will be footed by removing a tax break for commuters.

No decision has yet been taken on what to do about first- and second-class compartments on trains.

The coalition won a razor-thin one-seat majority in the October election.