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Mother to see dying son after U.S. waives visa ban

Mother to see dying son after U.S. waives visa ban

She will arrive in San Francisco late Wednesday, according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Muslim civil rights group that assisted the family.

Abdullah was born with a degenerative brain disease that causes severe seizures.

Abdullah's father was born in California, but has maintained close ties with his family's native Yemen.

The woman, Shaima Swileh, has been living in Egypt but is a citizen of Yemen, one of several Muslim-majority countries that are under a travel ban imposed by the Trump administration.

Abdullah and his father are USA citizens, but Mrs Swileh is a citizen of Yemen. Swileh is now in Egypt, according to Hassan, and has not seen her husband or son since they arrived in the U.S. After having submitted multiple requests for her visa waiver to be expedited, she is expected to arrive at San Francisco International Airport Wednesday, according to CAIR.

"We are so relieved that this mother will get to hold and kiss her son one last time".

After a tearful televised plea from the boy's father prompted public outrage, the USA embassy in Cairo issued a visa for Swileh, who has been living temporarily in Egypt.

While the U.S. State Department says it's processing her request for a waiver to get her into the country, the family says it is running out of time. The suit alleged that the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt, where Swileh lives, purposely delayed a decision on her visa application until the travel ban went into effect.

"My wife is calling me every day wanting to kiss and hold her son for the one last time", Hassan said, choking up at a news conference this week. "All she wishes is to see her son, and that's it".

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Hassan and Abdullah arrived in the USA on Oct 1, and Abdullah is now at the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland.

Adbullah got more sick, and Swileh's case remained in limbo.

"Our hearts are breaking for this family", Sweilem said.

Mr. Chief Justice, tell that to the family of little Abdullah Hassan.

Representative Barbara Lee, a Democrat who represents Oakland and took up Swileh's case, had described denying the mother a visa as a level of cruelty that "takes my breath away". Hassan spoke to her via video chat as she left the American Embassy in Cairo to prepare for her trip, he said. The list also includes North Korea and Venezuela, though fewNorth Koreans travel to the USA, and restrictions on Venezuela only apply to employees of government agencies and their immediate families.

A CAIR official says the US State Department has granted Shaima Swileh a waiver to travel to the United States.

"It's criminal that we have to stand before you and beg" for the family to be together, Williams said.

'Unfortunately, even in this win, it's still a loss, but at least she'll come and be able to mourn with dignity and see her son get buried and bring some closure to all the pain, ' said Basim Elkarra, the executive director of council's Sacramento Valley chapter.

Until the media attention, the family said it kept receiving automated responses from USA authorities that their case was being processed.