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OAS Expresses 'Greatest Concern' Over Arrival Of Russian Military Planes In Venezuela

OAS Expresses 'Greatest Concern' Over Arrival Of Russian Military Planes In Venezuela

Informed strategic bombers flew to Venezuela in 2008 in the context of tense relations with the United States after a five-day war between Russian Federation and Georgia and 2013 and in 2013.

Two Russian Tupolev Tu-160 strategic long-range heavy supersonic bomber aircrafts land at Maiquetia International Airport, just north of Caracas, on December 10, 2018. The vessel is capable of carrying nuclear as well as conventional missiles.

"We are building peace rather than waging war", the minister said welcoming the arrival of the Russian aircraft, as quoted by the Telesur broadcaster.

The bombers' deployment follows Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's visit to Moscow last week in a bid to shore up political and economic assistance even as his country has been struggling to pay billions of dollars owed to Russian Federation.

"Russia's government has sent bombers halfway around the world to Venezuela", fumed U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Twitter.

"As for the idea that we are squandering money, we do not agree".

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It's "absolutely inappropriate" for Pompeo to call the Russian government corrupt, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Tuesday on a conference call.

"In certain parts of the route, the flight of Russian bombers was conducted together with Su-30 and F-16 fighter jets of the Venezuelan National Bolivarian Military Aviation", the ministry said in a statement.

Likewise, U.S. -Venezuela relations, which have always been strained, have been pushed to new lows under the leaderships of President Donald Trump and Venezuela's hard-line President Nicolas Maduro.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has commented on Pompeo's remarks by calling them unacceptable and absolutely unprofessional.

During the flight mission, which lasted roughly ten hours, two White Swans practiced "interaction" with Venezuela's Su-30 and F-16 fighter jets which shadowed the nuclear-capable supersonic strategic bombers for part of the exercise, in "full accordance" with global laws, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement accompanying the spectacular footage.