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SPACE FORCE: Trump forms 'US Space Command' to develop EXTRATERRESTRIAL war-fighting

SPACE FORCE: Trump forms 'US Space Command' to develop EXTRATERRESTRIAL war-fighting

Vice President Mike Pence announced the revival of the U.S. Space Command, saying on Tuesday that it will oversee more than 18,000 military and civilian personnel who now work "in space operations for our national security". The Air Force retained its lead role in space through Air Force Space Command.

"U.S. Space Command will allow us to accelerate our space capabilities to defend our national interests and deter our adversaries", said Shanahan, considered the Pentagon's leading architect of the Space Force proposal.

The US Air Force's existing Space Command would be a key component of the new joint entity, raising space to the same status as US Cyber Command.

In order for the Space Command to be created the Defense Department would have to gather various space units from different military services into an independent organization, sources told AP earlier.

He insists such a move is necessary to tackle vulnerabilities in space and assert United States dominance in orbit. Headed by a four-star commander, Space Command will also oversee all of America's military space operations across its existing military branches.

Pence said the command, which will be the 11th combatant command, is the stepping stone to creating a U.S.

Mr Pence said the Space Force would draw on "space professionals from every branch".

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"In concert with President Trump's vision to ensure American national security is as dominant in space as it is on Earth and in cyberspace, the Department is developing plans for the establishment of a US Space Command and a US Space Force", Pentagon spokesman Joe Buccino told The Hill.

USA officials said the order will be signed by the end of the year, but could happen as early as Tuesday.

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, carrying the Spaceflight SSO-A: SmallSat Express, launches from Space Launch Complex-4E at Vandenberg Air Force Base. As for a timeline, he added that the administration is in talks with congressional leaders to "stand up the United States Space Force before the end of 2020". Officials say that not all of these personnel will be part of the new Space Command.

Space Command will pull about 600 staff from existing military space offices, and then add at least another 1,000 over the coming years, the Associated Press quoted an unidentified US official as saying.

Officials told CNN that the Pentagon is nearing completion of a draft proposal for a Space Force that would sit under the Air Force, but have numerous trappings of a separate service, resembling the Marine Corps' relationship to the Department of the Navy.

The military has about 18,000 servicemembers and civilians working on space operations.

The Air Force previously estimated that the Space Force could cost $13 billion in its first five years, though Deputy Secretary of Defense Pat Shanahan has argued that the price tag would be significantly lower, potentially falling under $5 billion.