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Theresa May To Stay On As Prime Minister After Winning Confidence Vote

Theresa May To Stay On As Prime Minister After Winning Confidence Vote

Here's what you need to know.

Opposition lawmakers had shouted "resign" at the prime minister during her statement.

Mrs May has promised to bring the deal, with any late tweaks she can secure in Brussels, back to MPs by January 21.

But if May's deal fails in parliament and Brexit is not delayed, then Britain could be heading towards a disorderly exit that investors fear will clog the arteries of trade, dislocate supply chains and roil markets.

If May can not get a draft agreement that appeals to enough British lawmakers for them to approve it, as things stand now the default alternative is the much-maligned prospect of a no-deal Brexit.

Lawmakers said she told them she recognised that the party did not want her to lead them into the next election, a gesture that could help her win over some wavering MPs on Wednesday evening.

British prime minister Theresa May arrives on December 13, 2018 in Brussels for a European Summit aimed at discussing the Brexit deal, the long-term budget and the single market.

The Iron Lady became the only prime minister to be removed from office by a party leadership ballot among her own MPs. Today, as a result, the country appears to be assailed with doubt and uneasy about the future, its worldwide reputation for competence and stability under threat, many of its people infuriated with a tortuous negotiation process that has seen the current United Kingdom government as still unable to devise a deal that will be acceptable to all of its own supporters, let alone its opponents or the country at large. "In the national interest, she must go".

Mrs May alluded to the extension of Article 50 when faced with a vote of no confidence, saying any successor's first job would be to delay Brexit, but any agreement to lengthen the process would have to be agreed unanimously. What happens if it doesn't?

The move was prompted dozens of members of Parliament to write letters stating they had no confidence in the prime minister, and Wednesday morning, May announced she was facing a vote on her leadership.

But on Monday she pulled a parliamentary vote on her deal - which seeks to keep Britain closely aligned with the European Union after exit - to avoid defeat. All other Conservative members of parliament can run.

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The second remainer-turned-Brexiteer who has a chance at the leadershiop is Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who is seen as the man to rise to the top if a leadership crisis takes place without a contest.

Two years on, with the deadline for Brexit just a few months away, bitter political arguments are still raging about the exact terms of Britain's departure, whether those terms should be subject to a second referendum or the whole project should be abandoned altogether. If neither party succeeds, there will be a new general election.

The EU's draft statement, seen by Reuters, reiterated that it prefers a new trade deal to triggering the Irish backstop and it would try to conclude one swiftly, even if the emergency border fix kicks in.

Mr Tusk described their meeting as "long and frank", adding: "Clear that EU27 wants to help".

Britain appears to have two ways of still staying in the European Union.

The EU27 have said they will do their utmost so that the backstop - meant to ensure there is no return to a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic - will not be needed.

But the 27 other European Union leaders offered only reassurances.

"The signals we heard yesterday were not particularly reassuring on Britain's capacity to honor the commitments that were made", Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said.

The European Parliament's Brexit point man, Guy Verhofstadt, could not contain a note of annoyance, tweeting: "Once again, the fate of EU-U.K. relations, the prosperity of businesses & citizens' rights are consumed by an internal Conservative party catfight over Europe".

The most contentious issue has been the Irish "backstop", an insurance policy that would keep Britain in a customs union with the EU in the absence of a better way to avoid border checks between Northern Ireland and EU member Ireland. Why should anybody outside Britain care? There could be an orderly or a disorderly Brexit.