Trump bickers with Dem leaders, threatens government shutdown

Trump bickers with Dem leaders, threatens government shutdown

"I am proud to shut down the government for border security", said Trump, then adding twice: "I will take the mantle".

The president insisted the military can build it if Democrats will not vote for the funding.

Ann Coulter reacted Tuesday in a Fox Nation interview to President Trump's fiery clash with Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer over funding for his long-promised border wall.

In a wild Oval Office confrontation, President Donald Trump heatedly threatened to shut down the USA government Tuesday as he and Democratic leaders bickered over funding for his promised border wall and offered a grim preview of life in Washington the next two years under divided government.

But Trump, whose US-Mexico wall idea was at the center of his surprise 2016 election victory, could not control his irritation. "The wall is a part of border security", contended Trump.

"Yes, if we don't get what we want".

'Nancy, I do. And we need border security, ' he retorted as the meeting devolved into utter chaos.

"I don't think we should have a debate in front of the press on this", Ms Pelosi said.

That prompted Schumer to come in like a professional wrestling tag-team partner rushing through the ropes to further soften an opponent: "Elections have consequences, Mr. President".

Mr Trump has asked to include $5bn (£4bn) in the deal for border security.

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U.S. House Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi speaks with Vice-President Mike Pence and Trump during their meeting with Schumer in the Oval Office.

Prior to the meeting the president took to Twitter to warn that the USA military would build the border wall if Democrats do not authorize adequate funding for it. "They did not know you are passing a bill so that you could pay for a wall and say Mexico paid for it with our profits from our workers and our businesses and the rest", according to the aide. While Mr Trump's fellow Republicans control both the House and the Senate until next month, Democratic support is needed to pass any spending legislation.

"Our country can not afford a Trump shutdown", they said in a statement, adding that the president "knows full well that his wall proposal does not have the votes to pass the House and Senate and should not be an obstacle to a bipartisan agreement".

Approved funds for the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies run out December 21.

So what do Lehigh Valley lawmakers say about spending money on the border wall?

Trump, in one of his five messages on the social media platform Tuesday morning about immigration, also deemed a success action by his administration to halt a caravan of migrants seeking to reach the United States via Mexico.

The president cited the attack into yet another slam against Schumer, the Senate Democratic leader, and Pelosi, who is expected to be speaker of the House next year.

Pelosi hardly saved her disdain for Trump for the private audience, letting it rip in slightly more respectful tones a few hours earlier when the president invited journalists into the Oval Office for what were billed as talks over the national budget.

With the 51 Republicans needing 60 votes to pass the package, Democrats refused to support it as they demanded help for "Dreamers" - more than 700,000 immigrants who entered the USA illegally as children. The account was described on condition of anonymity by an aide who was in the room but not authorized to discuss Pelosi's remarks publicly.

If Trump rejects that, Democrats are urging a continuing resolution that would fund all the remaining appropriations bills at current levels through September 30.