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White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to resign

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to resign

Kelly was not at work Friday morning, though an ally said he was simply taking a day off and would be at the White House for a holiday staff dinner Friday night. But the largest changes were still to come. But Trump, according to several senior administration officials and people close to him, has so far been unable to bring himself to personally fire a retired four-star general.

The officials confirmed the decision Friday on condition of anonymity because it had not been announced.

Sessions was exiled less than 24 hours after polls closed.

Donald Trump's Chief of Staff John Kelly will quit his role within days after falling out with the president, it was claimed.

The report, based on three sources, said the questions narrowly focused on President Trump's possible obstruction issues that Mueller is said to be investigating.

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Multiple reports have suggested Kelly will depart in the coming days.

File picture shows White House Chief of Staff John Kelly stepping off Air Force One as US President Donald Trump arrived to participate in a briefing on Hurricane Florence recovery efforts in Havelock, North Carolina, September 19, 2018. Trump nominated him for a second two-year term last year. But each time the two have chose to make amends, even as Kelly's influence has waned. Bolton had criticized Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen during an Oval Office discussion about the border, and Kelly stormed out of the West Wing after their profanity-laced argument spilled over into the hallways.

But those efforts also miffed the president and some of his most influential outside allies, who had grown accustomed to unimpeded access.

Kelly's tenure working for Trump was pocked with controversies, and officials were often amazed at how he managed to survive.