Alien: Blackout Announced, Is A Mobile Game Starring Amanda Ripley

Alien: Blackout Announced, Is A Mobile Game Starring Amanda Ripley

Amanda Ripley was also the hero of Alien: Isolation, so it looks like we may be picking up with where we left off with her in the last game, but the tagline of "Read".

The fact that a new Alien game is being worked on at the moment is not a secret, and indeed it was first confirmed by 20th Century Fox nearly exactly a year ago today.

As for the game's place in the larger Alien franchise, the story of the mobile title will fit between the Alien and Aliens and will feature Amanda, the daughter of Ellen Ripley.

Rather than being a sequel to Alien Isolation, it was reported to be a squad-based shooter of some sort.

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Blackout sticks Ripley Jr. and her crew on a Weyland-Yutani space station where-shocker-there's a xenomorph hanging around.

According to the game's official description, Amanda Ripley finds herself in trouble again, this time on board a Weyland-Yutani space station (showing once again that the real villain of this franchise is an evil human corporation).

I actually quite like the idea of helping the crew from a control room instead of dealing with the xenomorph directly, especially since we've already seen the first-person horror done so well.

In the game, players need to guide their crew to safety and avoid encounters with the alien. But it does suck a bit that this isn't a proper follow up to the excellent Alien Isolation. It also seems a prime candidate for a low-cost Nintendo Switch port, but FoxNext, D3 Go and Rival Games can cross that blindingly obvious bridge when they come to it. Outsmart the flawless hunter by making perilous choices. "Play. Watch.", which would seem to indicate either the story is going to be told on numerous platforms - as in a book/comic book, and a video game, and a TV show/movie - or it is going to be more interactive for the viewer/player, much like the recent Netflix hit Bandersnatch. Alien: Blackout consists of seven levels, the site said, though no pricing information was provided either.