AT&T's Portable Wireless Charger Will Charge Both Your iPhone And Apple Watch

AT&T's Portable Wireless Charger Will Charge Both Your iPhone And Apple Watch

Remember that? We might, but we're not so sure that anyone inside Apple does.

At the end of past year, famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo seemed confident that the product could be released in the first quarter, according to 9to5Mac.

We don't know whether AirPower is dead and buried or if it will see the light of day eventually. In September of 2017, the company unveiled its "AirPower" wireless charging mat, which would be able to power many other Apple devices (including a new "wireless charging" AirPods case) without a direct connection. A recent spoiler from the FCC website has accidentally revealed AT&T's plan to release a portable wireless charger.

These diagrams were found in the FCC website. The Power Drum has a flat section around the perimeter of the device that is meant to wirelessly charge the Apple Watch.

AT&T Power Drum Is a 2-in-1 Apple Watch and iPhone Wireless Charger With 3000mAh Integrated Battery
Apple's AirPower Accessory Misses its Promised 2018 Launch

The AirPower mat would also coordinate with its charging iOS devices to display charging percentages on the iPhone lock screen.

Overall, the AT&T Power Drum appears to be a decent product, but there is one drawback. Any Qi-compatible smartphone will supposedly work with this so-called Power Drum as well.

Apple SVP Phil Schiller told the iPhone X event in September 2017 that it should be in the shops in 2018 and can not nail down availability for the companion AirPods wireless charging case. But AT&T's Power Drum seems like it is going to be one of the better ones. The Power Drum wireless charger will also feature a Nightstand mode that will allow the Apple Watch to be used as an alarm clock while it is being charged.

Although it isn't known yet when AT&T's wireless charger is set to hit the market, it will supposedly be available for a hundred dollars. Of course, AT&T could have filed this well before the fourth-generation Apple Watch was out.

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