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Brazil's Bolsonaro sees threat in Russia, considers US base

Brazil's Bolsonaro sees threat in Russia, considers US base

"The decision is taken; it's only a matter of when it will be implemented", he said in an interview to SBT television.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro expressed doubts on Friday over the merger between Brazilian aviation company Embraer and US company Boeing, which has been in talks since a year ago, Xinhua reports.

Comments from Brazil's new right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro that he would be open to the United States operating a military base on Brazilian soil have not been well received by the country's armed forces, a senior army officer told Reuters on Saturday.

On Friday, asked by journalists in Brasilia about his openness to hosting a USA base, Bolsonaro said: "I have the American people as a friend".

A visit to Venezuela by two Russian nuclear-capable strategic bombers in December angered the US government.

We are aware of the intentions of the dictatorship of [Venezuelan President Nicolas] Maduro.

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A former military officer and member of the Brazilian parliament, Bolsonaro ran and won his country's presidency on a platform of disrupting the status quo when it came to foreign relations.

USA officials haven't made any recent public statements calling for a base in Brazil.

Then US President Franklin Roosevelt called Natal - the closest point in the Americas to Africa - the "Trampoline to Victory" during World War II because it kept allied troops in Africa supplied. Bolsonaro did not clarify where in Brazil he would like to see an American base. While Paraguay has backtracked on a similar decision, Washington and Tel Aviv are reportedly pressuring US-backed government of Honduras to move its Israeli embassy to al-Quds as well. Ceará state officials in recent days have said they would start sending prisoners to whatever jails had space, and not separate those incarcerated according to gang affiliation.

Much of that task falls to his justice minister, Sergio Moro, a former star judge who headed up Operation Car Wash, an investigation into Brazil's biggest-ever corruption scandal.

Founded in 1969, Embraer is a world leader in regional aircraft manufacturing. Bolsonaro argued it was necessary for people to defend themselves.

Embraer shares were down more than 5 percent in late afternoon trading.