Bungie Announces Divorce From Activision Blizzard, Keeps Destiny Franchise

Bungie Announces Divorce From Activision Blizzard, Keeps Destiny Franchise

Shortly thereafter, Bungie signed a ten-year contract with Activision for the development of a massively multiplayer online project it would eventually unveil as Destiny, a game as close to being an MMO Halo as it could get having left the rights to the franchise with Microsoft. "Activision and Bungie are committed to a seamless transition for the Destiny franchise and will continue to work closely together during the transition on behalf of the community of Destiny players around the world". A year and a half later, the game is going strong thanks to expansive updates, raids, and tons of multiplayer adventures.

That in turn may offer a lifeline for internal studios such as Vicarious Visions and High Moon Studios, who are now working on Destiny content.

It is worth noting that Activision never did own Bungie but only took care of the Destiny 2 publishing as well as for the first game. As an independent studio setting out to build a brand new experience, we wanted a partner willing to take a big leap of faith with us.

When developing Destiny, Bungie said it had a vision, but didn't have the means to launch a game of such magnitude. The original ten-year deal was signed back in 2010, and while there was a stipulation that Bungie were to ship 4 Destiny titles alongside four major expansions in that time, something which they obviously haven't achieved, Activision seem done with trying to make this one of their core franchises. In a blog post published today - appropriately titled "Our Destiny" - Bungie announced "plans for Activision to transfer publishing rights for Destiny to Bungie", which will give the studio full ownership and control of the IP.

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While the announcement may have come as a surprise to some, this was probably inevitable, given the tensions that developed following the release of Destiny 2 and the Forsaken expansion.

It doesn't sound like partnering with a different publisher is something Bungie is considering at the moment, though. Rest assured there is more of that on the way...

Perhaps the most important fact to single out here, though, is that it will be Bungie who's keeping the Destiny IP, not Activision. We hope you'll join us there.