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Camillo woman to face court over kid on vehicle roof

Camillo woman to face court over kid on vehicle roof

Police will allege the mother of a four-year-old boy filmed riding on the roof of a vehicle as she drove on a Perth Highway neglected to properly restrain the youngster.

The shocking incident was captured in Harrisdale, Western Austrralia, just before 6pm on Friday and lasted for about 10 minutes.

Security camera vision obtained by 9News captured part of the journey, showing the child dressed only in a nappy, sitting upright on top of the vehicle.

Witnesses claimed when the woman got out of the vehicle she genuinely seemed unaware her son was sitting on the roof.

The police said they opened an investigation into the incident after the driver was alerted by passing motorists.

She could be facing prison time if it is proven in court that she knowingly let her son ride on top of a moving auto.

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Two children were secured in auto seats, but the four-year-old was allegedly unrestrained.

Another said they felt "sick to the stomach" when they saw the child on the vehicle.

She stopped the vehicle and placed her child back into the auto before driving away, a police spokesman told News Corp Australia.

"The child seemed fine and looked like he was enjoying himself", a witness said.

Police later tracked down the auto at a petrol station on Nicholson Road in Harrisdale and spoke with her.

Officers say the four-year-old boy was unrestrained.