Chance the Rapper Apologizes for Working With R. Kelly

Chance the Rapper Apologizes for Working With R. Kelly

If you've not been paying too much attention to the R. Kelly saga recently, it's worth noting that last week saw the premiere of Surviving R. Kelly, a documentary dedicated to outlining and discussing the many accusations against the artist. Later that year Kelly was indicted on 21 counts of making child pornography.

"We asked Lady Gaga".

Many have echoed her outrage on Twitter.

Let us know where you stand in this debacle. Whoa, whoa, whoa. This doesn't look good for Gaga, we have to admit. Many of R. Kelly's alleged sexual abuse victims went on camera to tell their stories.

Legend said his participation in the docuseries was an "easy decision".

The rage online is palpable, as numerous fans have pointed out that this exact silence is how Kelly has been left to his own enabled devices for years.

But thanks to the #MuteRKelly movement, while Kelly's music can still be heard on the airwaves, and he can still pack a concert venue, there are signs that other high-profile celebrities are backing away from him.

Forty to 60 percent of Black women report being subjected to coercive sexual contact by age 18, according to the Black Women's Blueprint, "The Truth Commission on Black Women and Sexual Violence". "I didn't value the accusers' stories because they were black women", he said in the interview.

So now here we are in this space where Kelly is being completely exposed for who he is and the majority of his victims are Black women.

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"The quote was taken out of context", Chance wrote. "We have courageous women who came forward". Heartbreakingly, even friends such as Questlove declined to appear, despite believing the accusers' words.

The first posts also targeted Asante McGee, who claims to have been one of Kelly's "sex slaves".

Smith giggled while telling the story as if he showed little or no remorse.

Renewed interest in R. Kelly's dealings with underage girls and young women started after a 2017 Buzzfeed article claimed R. Kelly was keeping a cult of young women. Mute R. Kelly has been trying to raise the level of awareness. "It's a awful burden to have to endure".

"He talked about being molested as well, and he told me he was molested by an older guy in his neighbourhood", she says (via The Grapevine). I don't just go around interviewing for every exposé.

Andrea further explains, "I remember going out on the balcony and climbing up on the ledge, like, 'God, I can't take another day, I can't do this anymore".

"He would really manipulate my mind".

"For all I know, she wanted to just live a normal life", she said.