Derek Carr Wants To Challenge First Take Hosts To Fight

Derek Carr Wants To Challenge First Take Hosts To Fight

"But since that moment in time you haven't been that damn impressive", Smith said.

Kellerman said the Raiders should draft Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Kyler Murray. I think we should start a business together.

In his TV commentary, Kellerman had suggested that the Raiders trade Carr, a 27-year-old veteran from Fresno State, and draft Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, 21, the Heisman Trophy victor, to replace him. Although Carr is signed through the 2022 season, the Raiders would only take a $7.5 million hit in dead cap space if they were to cut him this offseason. "I think Gruden knows they gotta move on".

As for Kellerman, he actually ripped into Carr even more during the show. Is he a placeholder until they can find the next guy? "And Kyler Murray, if you can grab him in the draft, hell yeah". He took on his character as a professional.

Derek Carr didn't take kindly to what was said about him on ESPN's First Take this week, and he took it a step further.

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It reached the point where Carr asked Dana White if he could set up a UFC match in the future.

Someone tagged Carr in a tweet about the "First Take" comments and he responded, calling Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith "clowns".

Carr went on to confirm that Kellerman was the target of his ire while insinuating that the ESPN host was due some accountability via his fists.

Carr has also been outspoken in the past about his Christian faith.