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Donald Trump Cancels Davos Trip Over US-Mexico Border Wall Row

Donald Trump Cancels Davos Trip Over US-Mexico Border Wall Row

Trump wants $5.7 billion to fund the construction of a wall at the southern US border with Mexico.

"We have to be careful about endorsing broad uses of executive power", Rubio told CNBC.

"If today, the national emergency is border security. tomorrow the national emergency might be climate change", Rubio said.

If Congress doesn't make a deal, Mr. Trump said "it would be very surprising" if he didn't declare such a national emergency.

The US federal government has been partially shut down since December 22 over the dispute between congressional Democrats to approve $5.7 billion that Trump seeks to fund the construction of the border wall. While each situation was unique, Republicans have been blamed for majority, although Democrats took the blame for the most recent, a short affair back in January, even though Republicans controlled the House, Senate and White House at the time.

The proposal mirrored a measure the Senate rejected past year after opposition from the White House and senior adviser Stephen Miller. "I'm not going to blame you for it".

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In McAllen, Texas, Mr. Trump visited a border patrol station where he was briefed by agents on the situation at the border.

"If this doesn't work out, I probably will do it, I would nearly say definitely", Mr. Trump told reporters, adding later, "If we don't make a deal, I would say 100 percent but I don't want to say 100 percent".

"Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans have a responsibility, not simply to wait for the President, but to intervene", Schumer said in remarks on the Senate floor.

"I knew the fake news likes to say it - when during the campaign I would say, 'Mexico is going to pay for it, ' obviously I never said this, and I never meant they're gonna write out a check".

There have been signs in the past week that cracks are emerging among Senate Republicans with several GOP senators saying that they would support ending the partial shutdown even without a border wall deal. And when I said Mexico will pay for the wall, in front of thousands and thousands of people, obviously they're not going to write a check. "Somebody has got to get some energy to fix this", Graham said. "It's common sense. Look, we're not going anywhere". Illustrating the danger, Mexican authorities said on Thursday they had found 21 bodies after a gang shootout in Miguel Aleman, a town about 270 kilometres across the border from McAllen, Texas. And a shutdown we've got.