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Douglas County: No additional charges for Closs suspect, Jake Patterson

Douglas County: No additional charges for Closs suspect, Jake Patterson

Patterson is already being held on charges of murdering Closs' parents, kidnapping the girl and breaking into their Barron County home after authorities say he confessed to those crimes.

The complaint said Patterson went to the Closs home October 15 with the intent to abduct Jayme and with plans to kill if necessary.

Jayme Closs, the 13-year-old girl who spent 88 days in captivity after her parents were shot dead in northwest Wisconsin, will receive $US25,000 ($35,270) in reward money pledged for information leading to her safe return.

Jayme told detectives that on January 10, she was able to escape when Mr Patterson told her he would be gone for several hours.

"Because she got herself out", Mrs Kasinskas said.

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It was not clear what the Federal Bureau of Investigation will do with the $US25,000 it offered.

The isolated Gordon cabin where Closs was held. "Her bravery and strength have truly inspired our team members around the world".

It's a sentiment shared by local law enforcement, with Barron County Sherrif Christ Fitzgerald telling People the teenager is the "hero" of her own case. "The partnerships created during this case will not only help Jayme and her family in the future but will continue to make us all stronger, led by the idea that we will never give up hope!"

A company that had offered a reward for information leading to kidnapped USA teenager says it now hopes to give the money directly to the 13-year-old who managed to escape her abductor.

It's unclear what will come of the FBI's portion of the reward, but Hormel Foods, the group that own Jennie-O, are now working with law enforcement to get the money to Closs.