'Game of Thrones' Final Season Premiere Date Revealed

'Game of Thrones' Final Season Premiere Date Revealed

The past speaks to the future of Winterfell in the first full teaser for the final season of HBO's "Game of Thrones", finally premiering Sunday, April 14.

This eighth season is only six episodes long, which means the finale should be on May 19 if HBO doesn't skip any Sundays.

Check it out below... But the good news is that, according to the makers of the Emmy Award-winning show, each of the episodes will be like an entire film on its own. The video is not actual season eight footage - instead it's similar to past teasers HBO has crafted, ones that address coming themes of the season.

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The trailer shows the reunited Jon Snow, Sansa and Arya Stark as they walk in the dingy crypts of Winterfell, flanked by statues of fallen Starks - Ned, Catelyn and Lyanna. The three then come together and confront three statues in their likeness, before the torches blow out and a chilly mist creeps through the crypts. The first official teaser features the Stark siblings - Sansa, Arya and Jon Snow. Jon pulled out his sword to confront something, as frost begins to take over.

As they stop, the temperature drops, and the three turn to face the oncoming cold.

It was a faux conversation between the social media manager of the Game of Thrones Twitter account and their boss. But for those who are more interested in icy white sneakers, two colorways include a white-on-white design also themed to House Targaryen and another that's based on the White Walkers. That represented a surge of more than 35% compared to the corresponding episode the previous season.