Gillibrand: Kamala Harris Would Be ‘An Amazing President’

Gillibrand: Kamala Harris Would Be ‘An Amazing President’

"I'm running for president because I love my country", Harris, 54, told voters Sunday.

"In my whole life I've only had one client, the people", Harris said during her kickoff event in Oakland, her hometown, according to USA Today. Kamala Harris (D-CA) will sit down with CNN's Jake Tapper in a town hall interview.

Harris also did not shy away from taking on Trump directly, saying the US welcomes refugees and calling the wall that Trump wants to build at the southern border a "medieval vanity project" that would not actually stop transnational gangs, which she noted she battled as state attorney general.

"There is a lot of work to do", she told a crowd at Drake University, deftly handling questions from health care to criminal justice reform to gun safety to the war in Afghanistan.

Harris allegedly had an extramarital affair with San Francisco's former mayor - Willie Brown - over 20-years ago. "My mother used to say, "Don't sit around and complain about things, do something", Ms. Harris said.

Harris, who previously served as district attorney of San Francisco from 2004 to 2011 before becoming attorney general of California (and making history as the first African-American and first woman to do so) from 2011 to 2017, when she became the second African-American woman to join U.S. Senate, has seen a strong start to her 2020 campaign, with the lawmaker's popularity putting her in the top five in poll rankings of a crowded field of potential 2020 Democratic candidates.

Harris rarely mentioned Trump by name, but he was clearly a target.

The Californian senator could became America's first female U.S. president, and her rally in front of an enraptured crowd of 20,000 showed the world she could go all the way.

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Launching her campaign a year before the first primary vote, she added: "We must answer a fundamental question: Who are we?"

Harris took a barely concealed shot at Trump and his administration as she spoke of the "arrogance of power", warning: "The American dream and our American democracy are under attack and on the line like never before".

"We're proud to have his support", said Harris press secretary Ian Sams.

"In this moment, we must all speak truth about what's happening", she affirmed.

"Well I certainly wouldn't say it that way", she said.

But her prime-time town hall brought her into the living rooms of many more Americans.

Harris, the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica and India, said that as she and her sister, Maya Harris, grew up in the East Bay they were "raised by a community with a deep belief in the promise of our country, and a deep understanding of the parts of that promise that still remain unfulfilled".

Her speech made it clear Harris is eager to take on Trump, but the California senator faces tough competition in the Democratic primary. Lord knows, I am not flawless.