Global PC Shipments Down 4.3% YOY 01/14/2019

Global PC Shipments Down 4.3% YOY 01/14/2019

Lenovo also had a strong quarter in the U.S. The company has recorded three consecutive quarters of double-digit year-over-year shipment growth, despite the stagnant overall market. However, the results also "produced the largest year-on-year decline since the 3Q16 and capped the full year at a almost flat rate of -0.4 percent", Newsbytes reported.

Data provided by Gartner for the quarter indicates that worldwide PC shipments went down 4.3% to 68.6 million units.

"Just when demand in the PC market started seeing positive results, a shortage of CPUs (central processing units) created supply chain issues".

The top 3 vendors boosted their share of the global PC market as Lenovo, HP Inc. and Dell accounted for 63% of PC shipments in the fourth quarter of 2018, up from 59% in the fourth quarter of 2017. The research firm highlights that Lenovo led the market in the quarter with a market share of 24.2 percent, showing a 5.9 percent increase year-over-year.

According to IDC, shipments of traditional PCs came in at 68.1m units during the fourth quarter which is down by 3.7 per cent from the same time past year.

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Mikako Kitagawa, senior principal analyst at Gartner, believes the sluggish sales are a product of political and economic uncertainties around the world, combined with an ongoing CPU shortage. The results slightly outperformed the forecast, which called for a decline of 4.7%, but also produced the largest year-on-year decline since the third quarter of 2016 (3Q16) and capped the full year at a almost flat rate of -0.4%.

By region, PC shipments in the U.S. decreased 4.5 percent to 14.2 million units while at EMEA, they fell 3.8 percent to 20.9 million units.

According to both IDC and Gartner, PC sales are down. "And if the trade war escalates further, we should expect spillover of the impact to other countries, particularly due to the expected fluctuations of the exchange rates impacting businesses across the region".

HP's PC market share declined 3.2 percent worldwide mostly due to a challenging quarter in the Americas. Gartner said that holiday sales were no longer a major factor driving consumer demand for PCs. However, Asus took the fifth spot, surpassing Acer, with a share of 6.6 percent, marking a fall of 10.7 percent.