Google announces tons of new features for Google Assistant

Google announces tons of new features for Google Assistant

Manuel Bronstein, Google's vice president of Google Assistant, has told The Verge in a recent interview that by the end of January, the Google Assistant is expected to be on 1 billion devices across the globe, a number up from 500 million only 7 months back.

The firm's artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant is also to get an interpreter mode to help conduct conversations in dozen of languages using both audio and visual cues, Google said.

There was a lot announced over the past week at CES 2019, and we've rounded up all of the best news from CES down below. If you want something more substantial, the rest of Amazon and Google's Echo and Home devices are also available at various discounts.

In a statement, the company said that if a consumer knows the name of where they would like to book a room, they can reserve it using the voice-powered Google Assistant.

During its event, Google also announced youll be able to manage flights with Assistant, including checking in getting a digital boarding pass.

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In a demonstration at the Las Vegas exhibit, Google showed how its new Interpreter feature can be used to break down language barriers in real-time conversations.

The company revealed today that it plans to bring Google Assistant to its smart speakers later this year. Once the feature is enabled, Google Assistant will respond to you even when your Android phone is locked. You just need to say, "Hey Google, check in to my flight"- all will be taken care of. For example, if we say "OK Google, be my French interpreter" you can get spoken and written translations (on smart screens) in real time.

With CES 2019, Google has made it pretty clear that the company sees the Assistant as the next evolution of Google searches.

How often do you use Google Assistant? Google has partnered with chains like Choice Hotels, AccorHotels and InterContinental Hotels Group, as well as travel services such as Priceline, Expedia, Mirai, and Travelclick to offer a wide range of options. The main aim of the Interpreter mode is not just to translate but also to encourage people to converse with others who do not speak the same language without the awkwardness.

When purchasing other devices like smartphones, wearables and connected TVs, 44% of respondents said that the ability to integrate with their current brand of smart speaker influences which model or brand they will buy "to a great extent".