'I'm getting scared': Cardiff striker Emiliano Sala's final haunting WhatsApp messages

'I'm getting scared': Cardiff striker Emiliano Sala's final haunting WhatsApp messages

But Mr Sala's sister Romina Sala has pleaded with rescuers to keep looking for him.

"I understand that Emiliano Sala's family are not content with the decision to stop the search and I fully understand that".

Captain David Barker said on Wednesday that the chances Sala and his pilot David Ibbotson had survived were "extremely remote".

Cardiff City remain liable for the full £15 million transfer fee for their record signing Emiliano Sala, who is missing presumed dead after his plane disappeared over the Channel. "All day he was sending pictures and I know he was really really excited to come to Cardiff".

A search plane will comb coastal areas in the Channel Islands, where the plane vanished en route to Cardiff after taking off from Nantes in France.

In a statement released on Thursday, Guernsey Harbour Master David Barker said: "The chances of survival at this point are extremely remote".

There had been speculation around Sala's decision to take the small Piper Malibu plane to Cardiff, with some reports suggesting the flight had been organised by the club, but Cardiff club chairman Mehmet Dalman says they had wanted the 28-year-old to travel to Paris before boarding a commercial flight to the Welsh capital.

David Ibbotson - who police identified as the pilot on Wednesday night - made the admission on Facebook before departing from Nantes with the new Cardiff City signing on-board.

"Please, don't stop searching".

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"The final aircraft searching for the missing plane and those on board has now landed", he said.

"Despite the best efforts of air and search assets from the Channel Islands, UK and France, which has covered approximately 1,700 square miles - with a significant amount of this searched a few times - and having examined mobile phone data and satellite imagery, we have been unable to find any trace of the aircraft, the pilot or the passenger".

In one Instagram post still online Schkair wrote: "Investigate do not stop looking for it please! please continue the search".

"As chief executive I have to pull them together and try to get through this and we have a game to play next week [at Arsenal on Tuesday]".

"Monday evening's news shook everyone at Cardiff City FC to the core", said Tan in a statement on Cardiff's official website.

The Argentine striker reportedly voiced fears about the safety of the plane in a WhatsApp audio message he sent to friends while on board. The only thing I want is to see my brother, to find my brother.

"I have been in contact with officials from Cardiff and the player's agent over these hard past few days and will continue to do so".

"I'm here on a plane that looks like it's about to fall apart, and I'm going to Cardiff, crazy, tomorrow we already start, and in the afternoon we start training, boys, in my new team". The response from the football community has been truly touching and we place on record our honest thanks to those who have sent messages of support.