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Jayme Closs’ aunt shares how teen spent her first day home

Jayme Closs’ aunt shares how teen spent her first day home

Police have praised the bravery of Jayme Closs, a 13-year-old girl who was held captive for 88 days, saying it was her "will" that broke the case.

Peter and Kristin Kasinskas, who helped rescue Closs, described the girl as "dirty", "thin" and "really exhausted and run down" after she escaped the hell house Thursday.

An intruder blasted open the door of James and Denise Closs' home near Barron with a shotgun October 15, gunned the couple down and made off with Jayme.

USA teen Jayme Closs defied the odds and stunned the world after surviving an 88-day abduction by a man who is believed to have murdered her parents in her home in rural Wisconsin. "My first reaction was to scream and say, 'You're alive!' I didn't ask her questions, even though all those thoughts (of what happened to her) were in my head".

Jayme was hospitalized, and later released and reunited with her relatives and dog, Molly, in Barron.

"In my mind, I said, 'oh, that can't be the same person, '" she said.

Although Jayme had disappeared, investigators said they initially "keyed in" on the parents because the daughter was an innocent child who they didn't believe could be targeted.

But Closs' family are focussed exclusively on her wellbeing as they help her settle back into life, though the heartbreak of her parents' deaths still weighs heavy on them all.

"I think he was my student", she recalled saying. She is now Jayme's legal guardian.

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The same night authorities discovered Jayme missing three months ago, police found her parents James and Denise Closs shot dead in their home.

"We believe Jayme was the target, and he was getting rid of possible barriers to taking her", Fitzgerald said.

"She hadn't taken a bath for weeks if at all", added Peter.

"I'm so glad they believed us", Nutter said.

Nothing in particular stood out about Patterson in middle school, Kasinskas said.

"I'm lost and I don't know where I am, and I need help", Jayme told Nutter. "Just a quiet, very smart kid", she said. He did well in class, he was a good student. But they were still concerned he might be after her.

Wearing an oversized shirt and shoes that were too big for her, she described a girl who seemed like she'd grabbed at whatever she could to make her escape, trying to survive as she ran through the icy wilderness.

"The officer told us to get away from the windows and get downstairs", Kasinskas said.

Police said he was unemployed at the time of his arrest and the family did not know him. Glynn said Patterson displayed the kind of emotions and feelings you would expect of someone in this situation. "So this is a very important time to try to rebuild, to come together again and to start afresh, to try to create a new normal because, unfortunately, there is no going back to the old normal".