Lawyer: R. Kelly denies all sexual misconduct allegations | AP entertainment

Lawyer: R. Kelly denies all sexual misconduct allegations | AP entertainment

The six-hour documentary Surviving R. Kelly, which aired earlier this month on USA cable channel Lifetime, includes allegations from multiple women who accuse Kelly of sexual misconduct, sometimes with minors.

R. Kelly has been under intense criticism after Lifetime released its three-night documentary series, "Surviving R. Kelly", which detailed accusations of sexual abuse and paedophilia allegedly committed by him.

(The women said they were there willingly and police then left without incident.) Kelly will also be forced to submit on January 16 to an inspection of a warehouse he rents, and which city attorneys contend is being illegally used as a recording studio and living space.

Kelly aired in America last week, detailing and attributing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct involving the 52-year-old, relating specifically to women and underage girls.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Greenberg portrayed Kelly, one of the top-selling recording artists of all time, as a victim of a television hit piece.

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More recently, many said he runs a hidden "sex cult" of women manipulated and abused to stay away from the outside world and under his control.

The Cook County State's Attorney's Office did not immediately return our request for comment. He asserted that in the past women have "come on to" Kelly in the hopes that he could help them in their own performing careers, then became "disgruntled" when their own careers stalled and issued false allegations.

Greenberg alleged Kelly had "no idea" she was under the age of consent.

The docuseries featured dozens of women, former employees and music celebrities all claiming that Kelly preyed on underage girls and sexually, physically and mentally abused them.

"There's women saying things, which is of course their prerogative, but there is no evidence that any of it happened", Greenberg said of the documentary. "Now, some producer went running around and solicited all these people, did a Jerry Springer-esque show and there is all this uproar".