Marsha Blackburn: Trump Willing to Work with Democrats to Secure the Border

Marsha Blackburn: Trump Willing to Work with Democrats to Secure the Border

The President's latest offer, which he is set to deliver from the White House Saturday at 4 p.m. ET, will link his demand for $5.7 billion for a border wall to the BRIDGE Act, legislation that would extend protections for so-called "Dreamers", undocumented immigrants who arrived in the USA as children and are covered by the DACA program.

President Trump speaks about the partial government shutdown, immigration and border security in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House Saturday.

He offered a three-year reprieve from deportation to undocumented migrants brought to the U.S. as children who are covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and to people from certain nations who qualify for Temporary Protected Status.

It's now the longest government shutdown in US history.

His statement continued: "It was the President who singled-handedly took away DACA and TPS protections in the first place - offering some protections back in exchange for the wall is not a compromise but more hostage taking".

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is given to nationals from designated countries affected by armed conflict, natural disaster, or other strife.

Axios said the source told them Trump's "offer is expected to still include his $5.7 billion demand for the wall but that it would come in exchange for the BRIDGE Act".

After President Trump's most recent proposal was rejected by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, it remains unclear what kind of middle ground will need to be met for all sides to come to an agreement. Trump is "holding federal workers hostage, saying he'll temporarily give back what he took away-only if we give him a pointless, ineffective wall", Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand from NY tweeted after the president's remarks.

Administration officials said the protections would apply only to those now in the Obama-era program shielding them from deportation, and the temporary protected status would apply to those who now have it and have been in the US since 2011.

In 2017, Trump's administration announced plans to phase out the DACA program and Trump has previously said he would wait to address protections for its recipients after a Supreme Court ruling on the matter.

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Have the Democrats, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, privately told him they would agree to fund the $5.7 billion wall, and that they have graciously allowed the president the glory of breaking the news to anxious Americans? "I think it's a very bad thing for the Democrats".

The proposal McConnell will put on the floor this week is more than just what the president laid out today - including some pieces created to put Democrats in a more hard position.

Youth leaders asked that Congressional Democrats stand strong against the false compromise, and demanded that Trump reopen the government.

In a morning Twitter storm, Trump also said he would not seek the removal of millions of illegal aliens living in the United States, while bashing House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats for turning down his offer on Saturday.

President Donald Trump says he'll be making a "major announcement" on the government shutdown and the southern border on Saturday afternoon as the standstill over his border wall continues into its fifth week.

"This bill takes a bipartisan approach to re-opening the closed portions of the federal government".

Meanwhile, Democrats are proposing $563 million to hire 75 more immigration judges and $524 million in order to beef up security at ports of entry from Mexico, but nothing for a border wall, according to the AP.

Though even in the Republican controlled Senate, it may be hard for the measure to get 60 votes and it would likely die in the House. Ann Coulter, a conservative author, tweeted that she believed the president was allowing too many immigrants to remain in the United States. That has prompted the president to retaliate with the government shutdown, which he triggered by not signing off on funding to swaths of departments.

"Again, I'm not getting ahead of the President". Pelosi has called the wall "immoral", and Democrats are refusing to offer more than $1.3 billion, maintaining existing funding levels for border barriers and fences.