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Mass Overdose in California Kills 1, Injures 12

Mass Overdose in California Kills 1, Injures 12

One person has died and four are in critical condition after a mass drug overdose at a house in Chico, Calif. When they arrived they found one man dead and had to transport 12 people to the hospital.

A mass fentanyl overdose incident in Northern California on Saturday left one dead and at least a dozen others hospitalized.

"We were waiting, and have been waiting unfortunately, for this to happen in the sense that we knew fentanyl had been moving west, ' O'Brien said".

The mass overdose appears to have been largely caused by the unsafe opioid fentanyl, Chico police Chief Mike O'Brien said at a news conference.

In addition to that, two Chico police officers were taken to the hospital after they said they started to feel sick.

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He said that while it is still too early in the investigation to be sure, the likely cause of death and injuries is from consumption of the potent drug.

Chico Fire Department Division Chief Jesse Alexander told the station it was the largest mass casualty incident he had seen in years. Both received treatment at a hospital and were later released, police said. That home is now being treated as a haz mat site and no one is being allowed to enter without proper precautions.

Six doses of the opioid antidote naloxone were administered to the victims, who are believed to be friends 19 to 30 years old.

They were treated for exposure to fentanyl or a fentanyl-like substance while they were helping the victims. "That is changing unfortunately. and now we've have this MCI (mass casualty incident)...that concerns us all". O'Brien said a narcotics task force was trying to determine the source of the drugs.

In August, President Donald Trump urged the Senate to pass a measure to stop synthetic opioid drugs such as fentanyl from being transported into the United States via the U.S. Postal Service system. A report issued by the Centers for Disease Control in December showed fentanyl was the leading cause of overdose deaths in the USA for 2016, the most recent year numbers have been released.