Ohio Man Alleges Apple iPhone XS Max Exploded In His Pants Pocket

Ohio Man Alleges Apple iPhone XS Max Exploded In His Pants Pocket

After Samsung's exploding smartphones, it's Apple's turn to explain an incident involving an OH resident who claims that his iPhone XS Max caught fire and then exploded while in his pocket earlier this month. When he felt a strong heat burning his skin, he saw green and yellow coloured smoke coming from his back pocket. He eventually got a new device from Apple - as well as burns on his buttocks.

It's been a couple of years since we had a story of an exploding smartphone, until now. Maybe even two or three.

Statement from Apple on the incident is still awaited, is this issue going to affect the series of iPhone Xs Max or its one of the incident, only time will tell about the situation.

The near-fatal incident took place on December 12, 2018, in Columbus, Ohio. J Hillard told iDropnews that he was on lunch break when he noticed a foul smell coming from the back pockets of his trousers.

Hillard narrated the incident to iDrop News and said his iPhone Xs Max started heating in the back pocket of his pants.

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Man, referred to as J. Hillard, said that the incident took place during his lunch break, when he noticed a odd smell coming from his phone, which was also inside his rear trousers pocket. Not only that, but Hillard complained of inhaling a huge amount of smoke since the incident started.

With the fire put out (literally and figuratively), Hillard naturally chose to try and get the issue settled at the local Apple Store.

"I told her that I expected a call from customer relations and there was nothing that a tech could tell me about the melted phone", Hillard says. According to Hillard, store employees questioned him for about 20 minutes, and then he had to wait 40 minutes more while staff members took his phone to a back room. He eventually asked a manager to locate the employee with his phone. The Columbus resident has suggested to iDropNews that he was left waiting for approximately 40-minutes while Apple's safety team looked at the device, had nearly zero engagement from staff in the Apple Store, and was ultimately told that they could do nothing for him other than keep the damaged device and issue a replacement.

According to, Hilliard said that a replacement phone is not the answer and he is planning on suing the company.