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President Trump Fires Back At ‘Insulting’ Questions Raised By NYT Article

President Trump Fires Back At ‘Insulting’ Questions Raised By NYT Article

There are no detailed records of five personal meetings President Donald Trump has had with Russian President Vladimir Putin, The Washington Post reported Saturday, citing United States officials. When it comes to Bob Mueller and the Russian Federation investigation, the mainstream media, Washington is obsessed with it.

"So the questions I get are not about the latest obsession and allegations about Russia, Russia, Russia". "This is absurd", she said.

The New York Times reported that the FBI launched the previously undisclosed counterintelligence investigation to determine whether Trump posed a national security threat, at the same time that it opened a criminal probe into possible obstruction of justice by the president.

President Trump called a recent New York Times article revealing that he had been the subject of an FBI counterintelligence investigation after he fired former director James Comey "very horrible" and a "great insult".

No evidence has publicly emerged that Trump was secretly in contact with or took direction from Russian officials, the Times said.

"I mean, it's so ridiculous", he told Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, without directly denying the Post story. But the White House, and Trump himself, disagree. "You watch", he said.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is close to Trump and chairs the Judiciary Committee, said he intends to ask the FBI director if there was a counterintelligence investigation into the president. He and other Democratic senators said this report and others within the past week questioning Trump's behavior toward Russian Federation give new urgency to the need for the Mueller investigation to be allowed to run its course.

Senior U.S. officials told the Post they never received a reliable readout of Mr. Trump's meeting with Putin in Helsinki. They're about when are we actually going to secure the border? "Shouldn't we find out whether our president is really putting 'America first?'" he asked.

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Pirro asked Trump toward the end of the interview: "Are your lawyers working to keep the Mueller report from being made public?"

'Anybody could have listened to that meeting, it is open for grabs.

On Sunday, Cruz told NBC's "Meet the Press" that the media's focus on special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russia's campaign to disrupt the 2016 USA presidential election is just another example of the disconnect between most of the nation and its capital. Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison for multiple crimes, including lying to Congress.

And Trump's former presidential campaign chair, Paul Manafort, has been convicted in one case brought by Mueller and pleaded guilty in another, over financial crimes related to his work in Ukraine before the 2016 campaign, and for witness tampering.

The president also hinted that the Russian Federation collusion "hoax" would soon backfire badly on the perpetrators, including some individuals whom he didn't identify because it would make "front page news" if he did.

Mueller has been expected to wrap up a report on his findings soon.

Mueller's grand jury investigation, meanwhile, has been extended by a judge beyond its original 18-month mandate.