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President Trump, "There was no collusion, Matt Whitaker is right".

President Trump,

The Times cited anonymous former law enforcement officials and others familiar with the investigation Friday who said counterintelligence investigators looked into whether "Trump was knowingly working for Russian Federation or had unwittingly fallen under Moscow's influence". The inquiry was launched after Trump fired former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey.

It was a tense time.

One of the New York Times reporters who broke the bombshell story on the FBI's secret investigation into Donald Trump's ties to Russian Federation after he fired James Comey explained how that probe differed initially from special counsel Robert Mueller's - and how it adds to what the public already knew.

In a strongly worded reaction, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said, "This is absurd". But the evidence so far shows a broad range of Trump associates had Russia-related contacts during the 2016 presidential campaign and transition period, and several lied about the communication.

According to the Times, special counsel Robert Mueller took over the investigation when he was appointed.

For one, also this week, the US attorney for the Southern District here in NY indicted Natalia V. Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met Manafort, Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner in Trump Tower in June 2016 to discuss acquiring dirt on Hillary Clinton. He maintained Mueller's investigators should first give the report to Trump's lawyers for review.

Experts quickly laughed off Giuliani's assertion that the president can "correct" an investigative report into his own actions.

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It also examined whether Comey's firing amounts to obstruction of justice.

Mueller's final report can be finished within months and Giuliani is hoping he can use executive privilege to get his hands on it before the public.

Agents and senior FBI officials had grown suspicious of Trump's ties to Russian Federation during the 2016 campaign but held off on opening an investigation into him, the people said, in part because they were uncertain how to proceed with an inquiry of such sensitivity and magnitude.

The newspaper said it's not clear whether Mueller is still looking into that matter.

We may finally have a concrete deadline for the Mueller report.

US senators earlier this week introduced a bipartisan bill that would protect Mueller's job.