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Roommate Accused Of Stealing $10 Million Lottery Ticket

Roommate Accused Of Stealing $10 Million Lottery Ticket

On Dec. 20, the lucky victor purchased a Scratchers ticket and was ecstatic to win what he thought was $10,000, police told KTLA.

Sure enough, Saosongyang arrived at the lottery's Sacramento office with the real ticket and was told it was worth $10 million, not $10,000 as the roommate had thought, CBS Sacramento says.

He told his two roommates about the win and tried to claim his prize the next morning.

Unawares of all this, Saosongyang was told he'd be able to collect his winnings on 7 January from the Lottery Sacramento's headquarters in California.

He suspected one of his roommates must have stolen his winning ticket while he was sleeping and immediately reported the theft to the police department. Turns out the ticket is worth $10 million.

The following day, Saosongyang attempted to cash in the ticket, where he was told by the shop-worker that it was actually a whopping $10million victor, 10,000 times more what he and the card's owner believed it to be worth.

A 35-year-old man from Vacaville, California, was arrested on Monday, believed to have stolen a lottery ticket worth $10m from his roommate. The investigator who went to the Lucky grocery store to obtain surveillance footage of the purchase was then told that the ticket may have been stolen and contacted police to initiate a joint investigation.

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The ticket was purchased at the Lucky grocery store on December 20.

The Lottery then called Saosongyang in - under the guise of collecting his winnings - only to arrest him on the grounds of Grand Theft.

The next day, he took the ticket to the lottery's district office in Sacramento to cash it in but he was met with the news that the ticket could not be redeemed because it was not a victor.

The man who actually bought the ticket will be awarded his winnings after lottery investigators verify his identity, according to the statement.

On Monday, the Lottery investigator invited the suspect to the Lottery's Sacramento office to collect his winnings.

"We have our victim going into the store, which is date and time stamped, of him actually buying the lottery ticket", Polen said.