Samsung introduces Google Assistant, Alexa, and iTunes integration on its smart TVs

Samsung introduces Google Assistant, Alexa, and iTunes integration on its smart TVs

Google Assistant is also shipping on millions of Google Home speakers every quarter. But most importantly, the company now has some serious bragging rights to back up its CES domination: Google Assistant is now on 1 billion devices, according to the company.

Amazon revealed that they have sold 100 million Alexa devices - an impressive figure considering they are up against the likes of Google and Apple's Google Assistant and Siri.

The Google Assistant launched in 2016 on the Google Pixel phone and since then has spread to a ton of devices.

And Google has been quickly diversifying the amount of gadgets that are compatible with its assistant, even if it has yet to break out its non-smartphone numbers.

Over 150 different products have Alexa already built into them and there are over 28,000 smart-home gadgets that can utilize Amazon's virtual assistant. As we mentioned earlier the tech was first showcased at last year's CES. "And beyond that, the Assistant is being quite heavily used across these devices as well".

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But there's a caveat: You'll need your own Amazon Echo or Google Home device to power that voice control.

In addition to news rendering and music listening, the Alexa-powered devices such as Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Spot and much more can be extended with the help of Alexa skills.

What will matter more going forward, she says, is which company is able to expand outside of North America.

It is still unsure if Samsung will be bringing Alexa or Google Assistant to support its older TVs but the company has a history of updating older models a few months after its latest sets hit the market, so it could be a possibility.