Super Smash Bros characters LEAK: Upcoming DLC REVEALED for Nintendo Switch brawler

Super Smash Bros characters LEAK: Upcoming DLC REVEALED for Nintendo Switch brawler

As noted by dataminer BenArthur_7, a member of the Smash group Kurogane Hammer which originally uncovered the courageous parameter, the Japanese name for the hero in Dragon Quest 3 can be read as "brave man".

According to reports, Nintendo's fighting game could see the addition of Erdrick as a playable fighter, Dragon Quest's Slim mascot appearing on screen, and the level being Alefgard. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch. Ultimate, as the Dragon Quest character had been pointed to possibly being a new character in a leak back in the middle of December. There are also theories "Jack" might actually be a reference to Jack Frost - a demon from the Persona series.

None of these when taken alone mean all that much, but when they're considered together, it's not hard to understand why all fingers are pointing towards Dragon Quest and Erdrick.

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Earlier today, there was a new leak for Super Smash Bros Ultimate that listed the complete DLC character roster. Joker should come out after Piranha Plant, who's the first DLC character coming to the game before February 15, 2019. Ultimate at the Game Awards 2018. Despite running two separate multi-million dollar businesses, Musk somehow still manages to find some time to get some well deserved practice in Smash Ultimate, and more specifically as Zero Suit Samus. Ultimate roster post-launch outside of Piranha Plant. You can also buy the Super Smash Bros.

These leaked DLC fighters include the following characters from a wide range of video game franchises. Sadly there were no details regarding how Joker would play or what else we could expect when he is added to the game.