Sweethearts Candy Will Be In Short Supply For Valentine's Day

Sweethearts Candy Will Be In Short Supply For Valentine's Day

Because the dainty declarations- whether it be "Love Me" or "Be Mine" - will apparently be missing from store shelves, according to, the Globe came up with a few Boston-themed Sweethearts to hold you over until next year.

"Valentine's Day is officially cancelled", one person wrote on Twitter.

The company that bought Necco, Round Hill Investments LLC, shut down the plant that produced the sweets previous year, with 230 workers losing their jobs and the Sweethearts brand being sold on to Spangler Candy Company.

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For those who absolutely need Sweethearts this February, the candy can still be found online.

After a year break, the Valentine's Day staple should be available for purchase in 2020. They've grown to become the most popular candy for Americans to give at Valentine's, even more popular than chocolate. Round Hill Investments bought Necco in an auction, CNBC reports, and sold the Necco wafer brand and Sweethearts to Spangler Candy Company, aka the home of Dum Dum lollipops. "That all changed a year ago when conversation hearts rose above the heart boxes to claim the top spot." Wow. "If the biggest brand vanished, would conversation hearts still be the most popular candy?"

While other brands have stepped in to fill the gap, the absence of the original sweethearts may break your heart. That is so much candy, our teeth hurt just thinking about it.