THE PUNISHER: Frank Does What Frank Does Best in Season Two Trailer

THE PUNISHER: Frank Does What Frank Does Best in Season Two Trailer

The Punisher Season 2 is basically the heavy-metal version of that character conflict.

As you can hear in that trailer, they already seem to be hinting at the end of the show. Meanwhile, those same forces will align with Billy Russo (Ben Barnes), who's still got his own scores to settle, once incoming religious zealot John Pilgrim (Josh Stewart) figures out they have a mutual enemy in Frank. We don't know what will cause Castle to reclaim his Punisher persona, but it likely has something to do with Billy Russo's return as Jigsaw - complete with a new mask.

Frank Castle is about to have one last hurrah (well, on Netflix at least - more on that later) and he's going out with a bang.

Dinah Madani
Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ Final Trailer: No ‘Daredevil’ In Season 2, Lots Of Blood

It is one of the only two remaining Netflix-Marvel TV shows and it is probably safe to say its second season would be its last on Netflix. She eventually reveals that the men killed her family and are looking to the same to her.

The trailer begins with a young woman asking Frank Castle why he helped her at the bar, intercut with shots of The Punisher dispatching goons using everything at his disposal. Try as he might to stay away from the life, Castle is a living, street-level lead character on an MCU series-which means he's destined to forever meet innocent people on the run from the Russian mob and kick himself in the ass for caring. The whole thing will be past tense in just over a week. It's entertaining more often than not, and mostly well made.

The future, then, is uncertain, but there are still a couple of rays of light in the universe in the form of the third season of Jessica Jones (which will hit later this year) and the second season of The Punisher which drops on Friday 18th January.

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