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Uber driver pleads guilty to shooting dead six people in MI

Uber driver pleads guilty to shooting dead six people in MI

Dalton used a 9mm handgun in she shootings, according to Kalamazoo County Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Getting.

Dalton was charged with 6 counts of murder, 2 counts of attempted murder and 8 firearms charges.

His victims were a 25-year-old mother, wounded while shielding a group of children from bullets, a father and son fatally shot at a auto dealership and four senior citizens killed in a restaurant parking lot where a teen was also wounded.

Jason Dalton (48) was charged with 16 counts, including six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder after his almost five-hour shooting spree on February 20, 2016 in Kalamazoo, about 240km west of Detroit.

Dalton was found competent to stand trial, but had made weird outbursts at past court appearances.

He later opened fire outside of a local Cracker Barrel, taking the lives of 74-year-old Dorothy Brown, 63-year-old Mary Lou Nye, 60-year-old Mary Jo Nye, and 68-year-old Barbara Hawthorne, authorities said.

Carruthers began to cry and the judge asked Dalton to speak quietly to his attorney for the rest of the proceedings.

After Dalton's arrest, police quoted him as saying a "devil figure" on Uber's app was controlling him on the day of the shootings.

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Defence attorney Eusebio Solis said he advised Dalton not to plead guilty, however he rejected his advice to spare his family and the relatives of the victims.

Dalton allegedly said no.

"The report also showed there were more than 7.7 million property crimes a year ago". At that time, the first shooting had already occurred.

Dalton did tell investigators that he owned quite a few guns.

"I don't know whether there will ever be a satisfactory answer as to why he did it ... the "why" question is one that haunts us", Getting said, CNN reported. "Dalton then said that is why he is trying to tell us it is like an artificial presence". He was found competent to stand trial, but he's made weird outbursts at past court appearances. Deputies dragged him out of court in May 2016 after he spoke during Carruthers' testimony, and she broke down crying.

Dalton will be sentenced on February 5, 2019.

Dalton is a father of two, and a former insurance adjuster and Uber driver.