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200+ New Emoji Characters and Options Coming to iOS 13 This Year

200+ New Emoji Characters and Options Coming to iOS 13 This Year

It will likely take several months - or even a year - before the emoji becomes widely available across most phone systems and interfaces.

"You see people are asking for curly hair, different skin tones, bald heads, a hijab", said Jennifer Lee, who serves on Unicode's emoji subcommittee.

The update will also give people the ability to select the race and gender for the emojis that have a couple. The 2019 set includes a deaf person signing, a mechanical (or prosthetic) arm, and a person in a wheelchair.

Emojis are small graphics and smiley faces you can send with your keyboard and incorporate in messages and online text. More inclusive options such as non-gender conforming people and emojis with disabilities will also be featured.

While we're on the topic of animals, there's another five in addition to the two dogs: sloth, otter, orangutan, skunk and flamingo.

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After years and years of waiting (okay, maybe not that long, ) Emoji has finally chose to go with the flow and treat the world to a character that will truly allow us to express ourselves during that time of the month. However, Unicode says that the new Emoji probably won't show up on mobile handsets until September or October.

Here is how Twitter has reacted to the new emojis.

Credit: Unicode ConsortiumOn the food front, we now have garlic and onion as represented ingredients, plus waffle, falafel, butter and oysters. You'll also find a Hindu temple, a sari and a tuk-tuk among the other additions.

The various platform owners - including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Facebook and Twitter - can tweak Unicode's designs to their own liking but are supposed to ensure that each character remains recognisable from one product to another.

Another new emoji, a drop of blood, follows a campaign by Plan International for an emoji depicting menstruation.