Alliance of American Football debuts with strong ratings

Alliance of American Football debuts with strong ratings

That, combined with the rule tweaks and innovations from the AAF, will determine if fans will continue to stay interested or will become interested in this league after this initial game.

In overtime, each team will get the ball only once with a first and goal from the 10. "They saw enough good plays after the first quarter when we finally put on a good show".

Watching the game, it definitely did feel like watching NFL backups play a game of football. Well, it's a professional football league founded by producer and director Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian, the longtime general manager of the Indianapolis Colts.

If you're involved with the AAF, you're extremely happy with these numbers. Here is Pro Football Talk's take on the initial AAF ratings.

Ebersol said the AAF players can leave for the National Football League between April 29 and December 29. Former players like Jared Allen and Justin Tuck are also advisors in the league.

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San Diego hired so well that it lost quarterback Josh Johnson to the Washington Redskins in December and offensive coordinator Jon Kitna to the Dallas Cowboys as their quarterbacks coach. Orlando is led by legendary college coach Steve Spurrier, while former San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Singletary will manage the Express.

Looking forward, the AAF hopes to complement - not compete with - the NFL. Fans will be able to log on to an app during the games and interact with a livestreamed broadcast.

Now the challenge for the AAF is to retain interest throughout the course of the season when the majority of games will not be played on CBS.

The football was fun and fast-paced, they're trying some new innovations like transparency on instant replay that might translate well to the NFL, the TV production was well done, the fans sounded like they thought they were getting their money's worth, and, most importantly, it's football at a time of year when we otherwise wouldn't have any to watch. For the rest of the regular season, the AAF will be on TNT, NFL Network, CBS Sports Network or the streaming B/R Live service, and it's fair to assume that none of those outlets will ever get 2.9 million viewers for an AAF game.