Details on the super snow moon February 19 and 20 2019

Details on the super snow moon February 19 and 20 2019

February's full moon reached its peak at 10:54 a.m. Those wishing to see the supermoon are advised to check the skies Monday and Tuesday nights for the best view. Here, we explain what the supermoon is, as well as how and when to see it.

Meanwhile, the astronomy panellist of Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (Jakim) Datuk Dr Mohd Zambri Zainuddin said, tonight's Supermoon would be slightly smaller than the Supermoon on Nov 14, 2016, when it was closer to the Earth at 356,445km.

This will make the full moon appear bigger and brighter than it normally does. February's full moon is going to be the biggest Super Moon of the year.

For those who look forward to capturing and sharing their spectacular images on social media, Tuesday night will be your second and last chance this year to do so.

In a Supermoon phenomena, not only is there a full moon, but the Earth's satellite is at the closest point in its orbit around the planet. The Moon appears brighter and larger than the common full Moon.

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Commonly known as a supermoon, the incredible phenomenon occurs when the full moon reaches the point in its orbit that is closest to the Earth, which makes it appear much larger and brighter than usual. It is also known as the Hunger Moon because hunting was hard for the tribes due to the snow. Thankfully, you can get an exact moonrise and moonset times for your location by clicking here.

When can you see this Moon?

Although it will be its closest on February 19, 2019 morning, it will be visible to us Earth dwellers at 9.23 pm.

"Some believe that a full moon is responsible for their shorter or more disturbed sleep, as well as events such as sleepwalking", Massey University sleep researcher Dr Karyn O'Keeffe said.

"So I think [the hype] is a bit of a mixture between history and people loving the moon and people also wanting an excuse to go and look up at the skies".

2019's third and final super moon is set to arrive in Ireland on March 21st.