Disney Will Take a $150 Million Hit to Stream 'Captain Marvel'

Disney Will Take a $150 Million Hit to Stream 'Captain Marvel'

But once its theatrical run ends, you won't be able to catch it on Netflix. When asked during an earnings call, Disney chief Bob Iger praised their relationship with EA and spoke in support of Disney's decision to license their franchises instead of developing games in-house.

While Iger said that Captain Marvel will be the first Disney film that the company will withhold from licensing partners, it's unclear what will happen with Marvel's biggest movie this year, Avengers: Endgame, which launches just over a month after Captain Marvel.

This suggests that, should Disney follow through on this tease of potential R-rated pics outside of the Deadpool series, the films won't feel like standard Disney fare such as Frozen or Aladdin or The Lion King (not that anyone was really expecting a violent new take on an animated classic).

And according to Disney, their relationship with EA is solid, which means that licence is unlikely to go elsewhere for now. No matter where you now stream Disney movies, you can expect them to only be available on Disney+ beginning with Captain Marvel.

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The revelation that Captain Marvel won't make it to Netflix this year came during Disney's investor call on Tuesday.

When the Disney+ streaming service was announced, the company teased a range of first-party properties in production from Star Wars to Marvel to Pixar.

The Walt Disney Company (Disney) started the financial year 2019 on a strong note by smashing Wall Street expectations. Even though many of Disney's games that have been published in the past reached vast numbers in terms of sales, past titles like the aforementioned Disney Infinity and others like Epic Mickey were always rather well-received critically.