Instagram Egg Partners with Hulu for Post-Super Bowl Event

Instagram Egg Partners with Hulu for Post-Super Bowl Event

Officially revealed on Hulu (the brand become the egg's first sponsor), the streaming service created a short ad on mental health, highlighting the importance of reaching out for help.

A voiceover, pegged as coming from the egg, says: "Recently I've started to crack... the pressure of social media is getting to me".

The ad reads: "Hi, I'm the world record egg".

A single, unremarkable egg recently beat Kylie Jenner's record for the most-liked Instagram post of all time. As of this writing, the account itself has 9.7 million followers, the original image has 51.9 millions likes with three million comments.

Mr Godfrey studied graphic design at Kingston University before going on to work for a number of advertising firms.

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Mashable's reporting identified Godfrey as the egg's creator several weeks ago, but we held the story because Godfrey told Mashable he did not wish to go public. Well, everyone was wondering why on earth the egg would start to crack, and now we have our answer. Today, ahead of the Super Bowl, BuzzFeed ran a piece identifying Godfrey, confirming the details of our reporting.

"If you're struggling, talk to someone", the egg advises before resurrecting to a happier, shell-intact form.

The video showed the egg (complete with a little face and everything) and said: "I'm the world record egg (you may have heard of me)". The latest Super Bowl themed post has nearly five million likes.

Alongside a photo of an egg with a white background was a caption reaching out to people to "set a world record get the most liked post on Instagram". "It's what you do with that attention that counts", he said.