IPhone users can now unlock, lock WhatsApp via Face ID, Touch ID

IPhone users can now unlock, lock WhatsApp via Face ID, Touch ID

WhatsApp is Facebook's most secure chat app because it offers end-to-end encryption on all communications by default.

However, new functionality does not necessarily arrive on all three platforms at the same time. The folks over at WhatsApp have made a decision to add an extra layer of security for those using the app and allow them to lock the app behind Face ID or Touch ID.

WhatsApp users just got a little safer, with a new privacy option that requires biometric identification to log into the app. The latest update brings support for locking and unlocking the app through Face ID & Touch ID.

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The feature was launched for iOS beta users last week, and has now rolled out to iOS users across the world. The new feature, which has been in anticipation since October a year ago - when the new authentication addition was reported for the first time, works similarly to how you can lock Outlook or Signal on your iPhone.

iPhone users can still preview the messages from WhatsApp notifications and even quick reply but full functionalities will be available after the authentication.

However, a firm release date for the functionality has not been discussed.